Thank you Elaine for finding me a Lady, who I really appreciate being around. I feel a great sense of caring for her.


Thank you for introducing us to each other!  Almost two months ago we first met, and we had such a wonderful time together that our first date lasted 9 hours!  We send each other countless text messages all day during work and spend hours on the telephone at night.  We feel so blessed that you brought us together, and wish you all the best for the holiday season!

Nicole & Christian

Please put a hold on furture introductions as Jeff and I are meeting regularly.


This was an excellent match for both of us, we are seeing each other regularly.


Even my mother couldn't have chosen someone better for me.


The match couldn't be more perfect.  Since we met in July, Mark and I have had the most amazing experience traveling and getting to know one another.  We feel we have bonded on every level there is and have fallen so deeply in love.

Gayle & Mark