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STEP 1: Please answer these questions the way you feel right now.

01. It's OK for women to ask men out on dates.
02. Repeating jokes and stories is a waste of time.
03. Do you consider yourself hard to please?
04. Are you often depressed?
05. Does our society place too much significance on sex?
06. Should the theory of evolution be taught in public schools?
07. I can't relax around people I have just met.
08. Entertaining friends makes me nervous and insecure.
09. I've been told I'm a moody person.
10. Childhood was a difficult time for me.
11. It takes making lots of money to be happy.
12. Do open displays of affection between teenagers tend to bother you?
13. Religious training for children is unimportant.
14. Would a spouse who was a 'homebody' make you happy?
15. When it comes to clubs and groups, I've never been much of a 'joiner.'
16. Trial by jury by no means guarantees justice.
17. It's alright for married people to have friends of the opposite sex.
18. Successful marriages don't depend on romantic love.
19. I have problems showing affection to others.
20. It's acceptable for single people to live together.
21. I enjoy spending most of my time alone.
22. I use discount coupons when I shop.
23. Prayer isn't the answer to life's problems.
24. Social gatherings are usually a waste of time.
25. Pornography doesn't cause adverse behavior.
26. It's OK for women to be in positions of political power.
27. Do you take criticism from others poorly?
28. A good night's sleep is hard to come by.
29. Organized religion causes more problems than it solves.
30. Do 'off color' jokes and stories tend to disgust you?
31. I tend to steer clear of very religious people.
32. Breaking the law is justified under certain circumstances.
33. Material possessions are not very important to me.
34. Children should learn sex education in school.
35. Is it difficult for you to get out and meet new people?
36. Open displays of affection turn me off.
37. Do you frequently feel poorly due to stress and tension?
38. If children want to select a religion, they should be permitted to do so.
39. Time spent with the opposite sex is usually boring to me.
40. Do you believe teachers are entitled to alternative lifestyles?
41. Divorce laws should be streamlined and made less demanding.
42. The concept of going to heaven is hard to accept.
43. Successful marriages don't depend on sexual compatibility.
44. I prefer to shop at discount stores.
45. Is losing your temper an easy thing for you to do?
46. I enjoy staying at home instead of party going.
47. Are your feelings easily hurt by others?
48. Living in today's world is a constant struggle.
49. I'd rather spend my time with people of my own sex.
50. It's hard for me to believe in a 'Supreme Being.'
51. I rarely attend church.
52. I shy away from group leader situations.
53. I don't need an affectionate spouse to be happy.
54. The concept of going to heaven is foolish.
55. It's important for me to have a nest egg for those rainy days.