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A growing number of people are finding it difficult to meet compatible people. Work, family, travel, and other time commitments sometimes prevent us from meeting new people. With the average work week up to 55 hours, everyone is asking the same question-"what can I do to meet sincere compatible people?" Since 1963, thousands of people nationwide have made InterActions their answer to this question. With thousands of clients to choose from and an incredible satisfaction rate, selective singles have made us THE meeting place for the new millennium.

InterActions is a membership organization for singles who are motivated to find someone special. It is NOT an online, anonymous website-based group. InterActions offers its members personalized introductions to other members, based on compatibility and their personal preferences. Finding compatible people requires a commitment of time, effort, logical planning and last but not least, opportunity. At InterActions, we have committed ourselves to providing our clients with the most caring, attentive and efficient service available. We put all of these elements in place for our singles to help promote positive lifestyle changes.

Our members come to us from all walks of life, age groups, occupations. . .with one thing in common: They are in search of special individuals for dating relationships. Our members are people who are perfectly capable of meeting people socially, but are lacking the right environment to do so. This may be due to a lack of free time because of the many demands of today's busy lifestyles, or perhaps the 'bar scene' or other conventional meeting places have become tiresome. All of our members are interviewed with the utmost care prior to enrollment, enabling us to provide an honest environment for members to meet. Above all else, our members are motivated!

If you've ever tried internet dating, whether it's chat rooms, personal ads or bulletin boards, you know how much time and effort these methods can require. Participants invest a great deal of time sorting through profiles, photos, and email addresses, looking for compatible matches. Unfortunately, the majority of singles who try internet dating learn the hard way that the medium lends itself to a lot of dishonesty and game-playing. There really is no way to verify that participants are sincere in their intentions, and therefore there is little security in the choices you might make. Here at InterActions, we offer a completely different approach. Not only are all of our members screened and qualified in person, but we do the work for you, providing matches based on compatibility AND your personal preferences. It's a safer, time-saving, and more effective approach to meeting the right kind of people.

InterActions has been in business for more than 39 years, making it the oldest personalized introduction service in the country! InterActions was founded in 1963, and continues to provide the same quality introduction services for like-minded, compatible and successful single people across the United States today. Our excellent reputation in the business community and with our members contributes to our continuing success in the singles industry. Our About Us page contains more useful information about our company's history and affiliations in the business community. We want prospective members to feel confident they are making the right choice. We are here to answer all of your questions.

InterActions prides itself on providing the quality and personalized customer service necessary to help you achieve your relationship goals. After 39 years under the same ownership, InterActions has built a nationwide reputation as respected place of business. Please refer to our About Us page for more information about our company history and records. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send us your comments on the form at the bottom of this page.

InterActions has Membership Information Centers in the Detroit and Las Vegas metropolitan/suburban areas. For more detailed information on our two center locations, please click on the "locations" link on our home page. In order to pursue membership at InterActions, you must live in the basic vicinity of one of our two centers and be interested in meeting singles from these areas.

No. At InterActions, only a one-time visit to the Membership Center in your area is required. Because we do the search work and matching for you, you needn't worry about any time or travel commitments. One of the reasons our program is so popular and has been successful for over 39 years is we are able to service people from a very broad geographic area, whereas many other services are unable to do so, because their members must visit their offices frequently in order to use their programs. As a member at InterActions, you tell us what distance you are willing to travel to meet a fellow member. If you only want to meet members from your immediate area, we will search for these members for you. There are thousands of members to choose from in each of our geographic areas. If you are still concerned about your location, please contact us and we can verify whether we are able to help you.

When you schedule a visit at InterActions, you will meet privately with a fully trained Membership Consultant in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Your consultant will demonstrate how the InterActions proven formula for successful personalized introductions works, using your Personality Survey results. Your consultant will also spend time getting to know you, chatting with you about your relationship goals, your background, and what you are looking for in someone special. Your visit is complimentary, and it's your opportunity to explore whether InterActions is the place for you.

It is NOT with high-tech gadgetry or videotapes. We match our members using two things--compatibility AND their personal preferences. Using this formula, we are able to select the members who you would enjoy meeting. Above all else, we value personalized, one-on-one professional service for our clients. This allows us to provide a quality, honest, and safe environment for all of our singles to meet with confidence.

At InterActions, we have a range of programs available, which vary based on how long you want to be a member, and how many individuals you'd enjoy meeting. Chances are good that if you're already spending money on yourself or your social life, you'll find membership at InterActions to be affordable. To learn more about specific program costs, terms and qualifications, you must contact the center in your area by either completing a secure, cost- and obligation-free Personality Survey, or by telephone. Anonymous cost inquiries via e-mail cannot be accommodated.

To find a specific center in your area, check our Locations page, and contact that center directly. Or, simply fill out our Personality Survey, so that we might evaluate your answers and contact you to discuss the results. Our Personality Survey is a cost-free demonstration of one aspect of our matching program. A private, in-person consultation at your selected center location will give you an opportunity to obtain all the information you'll need to evaluate whether InterActions is for you!

We understand and appreciate your concerns about submitting private information about yourself and your preferences to our company electronically. We pledge that any information provided to InterActions, including email addresses, shall not be used for any purposes other than evaluating your test scores and contacting you to discuss our organization. Confidentiality is our number-one priority. We do not use mailing lists or provide information about our respondents to other organizations, ever.