Young Love: Three Things We Forgot About Romance


Ah, young love!

We mean really young: Think back to elementary school and the simplicity of romance. If we only knew how good we had it! As Sam Parker puts it, “Romance was a lot simpler when you didn’t actually have to talk to each other."

But are there real lessons we could learn by looking to those innocent days? Think about why things were so easy then.

Really Young Love

photo by makelessnoise

1) Less pressure

Show me an eight-year-old who gets their greatest satisfaction from their significant other. While we enjoyed stolen glances that made our heart pitter patter, we didn’t depend on our crush for our happiness. Of course, the classroom Valentine’s exchange was the sole exemption.

2) No sex!

Face it: Hormones screw things up. It’s hard to be objective about character when we can’t stop thinking about washboard abs. We don’t need chastity belts; but as adults, we sometimes let our desire – and our desire to BE desired – cloud our good judgment.

3) A soft heart

Our hearts start out so tender; and with wound after wound, they grow calloused. But spend too much effort watching for the worries of the past and you will see them everywhere. Start fresh, letting each relationship succeed on its own terms.

boy and girl sitting in bike seat

photo by Peter Santos

What do you remember about your first crush? Comment and share your memory of young love!

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