Gauging Her Interest: Three Indicators of a Bad First Date


Most men understand the importance of making a good impression on the first date. However, there is never a guarantee that things will go as planned. Even if she seems to be compatible over the phone, you still may not strike a love connection. To avoid wasting your time in pursuing a second date, you must may close attention to her behavior. Here are three signs of a poor first date.

She Becomes Visibly Annoyed

A first date should be a very exciting and fun-filled experience. If your date has become upset or annoyed, this is clearly not a good sign. An enjoyable outing usually involves a lot of laughter and good conversation. In the event that she never cracks a smile, it is probably in your best interest to part ways.

She Pays More Attention to Her Cell Phone

While on a date, the best approach is to minimize cell phone use. According to a professional matchmaker in Las Vegas, the primary goal of the first meeting is to interact with the other person. If you notice that she is constantly texting or looking away, the date is unlikely to have a positive outcome. A lack of eye contact is rarely a good thing.

She Doesn't Show Any Interest in Your Life

When a woman is truly attracted to a guy, she will want to know about him. On the other hand, a disinterested woman will not make an effort to learn more facts about you.

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