First Date Attraction: Three Signs That She Likes You


The first date is the first step towards developing a bond with a woman. If there is a mutual attraction, it could be that start of a very special relationship. Here are three signs that your date is into you.

She Passionately Looks Into Your Eyes

Strong eye contact is a very good indication that she likes you. When a person is attracted to someone, their eyes tend to dilate. You may even notice that her eyes have a certain glow. If she smiles while locking eyes with you, this is a surefire indication that there is a potential for romance. On the other hand, a disinterested woman may try to avoid looking directly at you.

She Wants the Date to Last Longer

When a woman is into you, she will try to make the date last for as long as possible. She may even hint at a second date. At this point, the she is definitely enjoying your company. If she suggests taking the date to another location, this is the perfect opportunity to engage in a romantic conversation. Singles in Las Vegas have many exciting dating destinations to choose from.

Warm Body Language

By paying close attention to a woman's body language, you can easily gauge her interest. If your date has moved closer to you, there is a very good chance that she would like to get to know you better. In the event that she playfully brushes up against you, don't hesitate to give the lovely woman a hug. Remember, attraction causes people to subconsciously mimic the other person's body language. For example, she may lean forward after you lean forward.

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