Dating and Social Media: What Are the Rules?


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Dating in 2013 has brought upon us an entirely different game: social media.  What's safe?  What should you avoid?

#1 Instagram

Nothing is more fun than stalking your newest crush or most recent date; but beware of the dreaded accidental double-click.  Then your love interest will be getting a notification that you liked his picture of a sock from a year ago.  Awkward?  Yup.

#2 Facebook  

The best Facebook profiles are the ones that are still public; but who does that anymore?  Don't jump the gun and add your new crush right away.  If you think it'll come off as a little too eager and, dare we say, stalkerish, you're right--particularly if you have no mutual friends yet.

#3 Twitter

This is your safest bet.  Very little can go wrong on Twitter.  Unfortunately, Twitter is also the least popular out of these three.  Thumbs down.

When in doubt, err on the side of safety.  Take your time and be careful where you click.

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