Are We Exclusive? Indicators That You Are in a Relationship


Often times, some daters have a hard time defining their relationship. To truly progress forward, you must realize when it's time to make a commitment to the other person. This will ensure that both parties don't suffer any emotional heartache. Here are some of the key signs that you are officially a couple.

You Spend Lots of Time Together

If you have developed a tight bond, you will likely be spending a great deal of time together. From watching movies at home to shopping at the local supermarket, you will begin to do a lot of activities with each other. Your friends and family will definitely start to view you as a couple.

You Share a Lot of Personal Information

When dating in Las Vegas, some people tend to keep a lot of personal information to themselves. However, loving couples usually exchange a lot of well-kept secrets. If you have gotten a job promotion or plan to purchase a new vehicle, your mate will likely be one of the first people to know. The person may also reveal their hidden insecurities and bad memories to you.

You Constantly Think About Each Other

In the beginning stages of getting to know someone, you may not make them a top priority. However, this can change drastically as time goes on. If the two of you are constantly thinking about each other throughout the day, there is a good chance that a love connection has developed.

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