3 Things Women Love in Men


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It's a question men have been asking for...ever: What do women want?  It's not an easy one to answer in a short amount of time, but here are three things men should keep in mind if they want to get a woman's attention--and keep it.

#1 Don't Give Away Your Power

Many men make the mistake of giving their power to women to try to get on their good side.  Don't be fooled: This won't work!  While women love a man with a passionate, soft side, they're also attracted to a man in charge.

#2 Don't Try to Hide Your Insecurities

Our culture has taught men not to have self-esteem issues and that if they do, they're weak.  However, a man who is clearly hiding an insecurity only ends up looking like a little boy.  Be honest about yourself with your partner!  They'll appreciate you for it.

#3 Challenge the One You Want

Give a woman everything she wants up front, and you'll rope her in quickly and lose her almost just as fast.  Challenge her so that you both have to work a little for it, and you'll experience a relationship with longevity.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Above all else, remember this: Be yourself!  

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