Dating Sites in Las Vegas

InterActions is not an anonymous, web-based site where you peruse thousands of profiles that may or may not be truthful. Elaine Casale is the mastermind matchmaker behind it, and she's the best when it comes to helping motivated singles in Las Vegas meet other compatible singles with similar likes and interests.


InterActions caters to those who:

  • can meet singles, but are not finding the right ones 
  • have full lives and established goals and careers 
  • are tired of the bar scene and other random dating events 
  • want more than traditional online dating has to offer 
  • are ready to meet the special someone now

Want to get started? Here’s how:

  • Complete a free no obligation personality survey 
  • Make an appointment to speak with a membership consultant 
  • Go over membership options and choose a plan that fits your needs 
  • Provide information on your interests and ideal relationships 
  • Start dating! 

It's simple, safe, and not without a multitude of benefits. We've been matching singles to their ideal mates for 39 years and we know what works, what makes individuals compatible, and how to help you date without the burden and hassles other dating methods carry. Contact us today at (702) 262-9600 to begin finding your life partner!