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Dating in Las Vegas can feel daunting and hopeless. We’ve been there and we know what it is like trying to make real connections in a city where people come and go through touristy revolving doors. People love to play in Vegas, but it’s hard to meet people who want to stay in Vegas. You meet a lot of industry workers who keep odd hours and like to party on their days off, you meet wonderfully delightful and eligible people who are already taken, and then you meet the jaded Vegas daters who haven’t met anyone, and probably won’t, because they seem so unhappy. So where do you go? Online dating never took you anywhere and you wasted countless hours dredging through hopeless profiles and going on dates with people who looked nothing like their profile pictures. The bar scene is totally out. Who has the time to sit around and play games? You’re a professional and you deserve a professional dating service that understands your wants and goals in life.

That’s where we come in. At InterActions Dating we don’t play games and we don’t invite clients to play games either. We’re here to make matches and build romances, not string you or any of our other single clients along. You won’t find videotapes and cameras here and you won’t get a computer that attempts to match you up based on one twenty question personality quiz. Our high success rates are the result of good old fashioned compatibility tests and matchmaking intuition. Our founder Elaine Casale’s methods are quite simple. First, our potential clients meet with Elaine and fill out a 55 question Myers Briggs survey that asks simple questions about what you want from a partner and what makes you happy in relationships.

The next step of our process includes a background check to weed out any bad seeds. When the background check is complete we set out to find potential matches. After suitable matches are found letters are sent to each client and the process of arranging contact is left up to the daters. After the initial meeting each single fills out an evaluation sheet that gets returned to our office so that Elaine knows how the date went. It also lets us know if you’d like another date or if you think you’ve found a good match.

Let an experienced Las Vegas matchmaker with a proven track record help you find your perfect match!

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